You can transfer and synchronize files locally, over the network, FTP, and ISD
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VuBrief is a program that allows you to transfer and synchronize files between computers via FTP, over your network, or between different folders on the same computer. The application is also able to create backup files. Maybe its best feature is its wizard that guides you step by step through all the process, although you can run any task directly from the main window.

The first time you run the application, it will create a briefcase containing the information that will be used to transfer or synchronize your files. The wizard can help you to do the rest. The main tasks to select in the wizard are "File synchronization" and "Backup Archiving and Storage".

By selecting File Synchronization you will be able to transfer or synchronize files between directories within one computer, between remote computers on a network, or between a local directory and an FTP folder. You can also synchronize files between remote computers not connected to a network by using an intermediate storage device, such as a removable USB flash memory. By selecting the “Backup Archiving and Storage option”, you will be able to select the files and directories to be stored in backup files. Backup files can be password-protected. The last thing to bring the attention to is that you can schedule any task to be performed at any time.

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  • Transfer and synchronize files from one computer to another via FTP, ISD, through your network, on your local computer, and create backup files with ease


  • The access to FAQ from the Help menu is broken
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